88th Precinct Community Council

Community and NY Police Department working together!

Greetings and Welcome!




 Greetings on behalf of the 88th Precinct Community Council!  


We are excited to have you join our 88th Precinct Community Council Web-Site.  We look forward to working with you! 

The 88th Precinct Community Council has gone Green.  We are attempting to make our paperless documents shine!  The idea of going paperless makes sense, especially since it accounts for about a third of our total waste.  We have decided to save our trees and get creative; its a win-win!

 What we have to offer is a fresh outlook on bringing the community closer to the Council and the Council closer to the community.  We want to reach out to the community to identify their concerns and interests in order to make the Council more responsive. We are confident that our requests are quite reasonable when both sides of the story are fully out in the open.  Clearly, security, public safety and quality of life concerns for our community are not so overwhelming if we keep the channels of communication open.  We seek to operate the Council in an atmosphere that fosters openness and fairness to the Community and the Police Department. We, as individuals, compliment each other as a team! 

 We look forward to serving our neighborhood!  We meet every third Tuesday of each month at 7:00 PM within the 88th Precinct community.  Locations vary and are announced in advance.  In the event you are unsure of our meeting locations, do not hesitate to contact Community Affairs at (718) 636-6526, Precinct Community Council at (718) 636-6517 or stop by and ask at the 88th Precinct@ 298 Classon Avenue, Brooklyn, New York 11205.

Once more, we welcome you to our Community Council and truly believe that Working Together Works.


Delia Hunley-Adossa, President




Please consider the environment!